Singing Is Beneficial For The Memory

A research made at the University Of Helsinki, Finland, shows that singing improves the memory and the mood especially in the early state of dementia. Singing has an effect on the working memory and executive function. Instead listening to music has a cognitive impact only in the later stages of Continue Reading

Vocal Effects: Rattle

Rattle is a vocal effect produced in the vocal tract. According to Complete Vocal Institute, this effect can be formed by many different structures: vibrations at the arytenoid cartilages uvula (palatine uvula) back of the tongue the soft palate mucosa / saliva vibrating over the arytenoid cartilages Rattle is often Continue Reading

Choir Singers’ Hearts Beat As One

Swedish researchers monitored different singers’ heartbeats while doing a variety of vocal tasks such as reading parts of text, humming, singing a song and singing a 10 s mantra phrase. The result of the group study was a revealed connection between the length of the phrases sung and HRV (Heart Continue Reading